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European Association of Second Residence Owners


EASRO, the European Association of Secondary Residence Owners, is an independent European-wide association that brings together second residence owners and represents their interests:

  • We share information and through the forum we give members the space to share information and ask questions on a country-by-country or topic basis.
  • We take actions to ensure a good quality of life between local communities and second home residents.
  • We establish contacts with political leaders and strive for a sound policy on second-home residents.

In May 2020, we took action, both through petitions and political pressure at the regional and European levels, to get the Belgian borders opened as soon as possible if health conditions allows this. In this way, links were created with different owner groups in various countries and this is now being expanded after the necessary preparations.

Our actions in the spotlight

The “Alternative Corona Stay” survey launched !

As the Belgian borders remain closed, European second residence owners started to look for alternatives at the Belgian coast, Ardennes…. or in their country or another European country (Spain…).

The “Alternative Corona Stay” survey of EASRO wants to form an impression of this alternative corona stay.

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Notice of default against Belgian State sent

This morning, EASRO and its members have sent the notice of default to the Belgian Prime Minister! This is the first step in our fight against the Belgian travel ban to and from foreign countries. Ultimately, of course, we want to ensure that we as European second residence owners never find ourselves in this situation again.

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EASRO Presse Release

EASRO calls on European 2nd Residence Owners to issue the Belgian State notice of default because of the ban on movements to and from the 2nd residence by European 2nd Residence Owners and because of the disproportionate measures on arrival at or return from the 2nd residence. T

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EASRO members issue the Belgian State notice of default

European 2nd residents (foreigners with a second residence in Belgium or Belgians with a second residence in another European country) can now sign up for the notice of default against Belgian State: 75€ per day per 2nd stay has to be paid from April 1 as long as the 2nd stay cannot be accessed.


Following the proposal of the European Commission on March 17th, the forum on Digital Green Certificate has been launched.

We would like to invite you to become a member of EASRO in order to take part in this discussion and to help achieve our goals.

Launch of the European Association of Second Residence Owners.


EU Commission proposes Digital Green Certificate


The European Commission presented a proposal to create a Digital Green Certificate to facilitate the safe free movement of citizens within the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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