The context

As the Belgian borders remain closed during the next weeks (until April 18th) European second residence owners started to look for alternatives. Belgians with a second residence abroad started to look to the coast, the Ardennes…. while second residence owners from other European countries with a second residence in Belgium focused on their country or another European country (Spain…).

The “Alternative Corona Stay” survey of EASRO wants to form an impression of this alternative corona stay.

Why is this survey needed?

In the past months several attempts have been made to suspend the Belgian Ministerial Decree of January 27th 2021 by introducing interim orders at the (Belgian) Council of State, although with no success. Even official European pressure on various occassions has not been able to change the Belgian government’s mind.

Evidence is emerging that the base for this decision of the Belgian government isn’t that solid and that this decision has been more a panic reaction, and given the duration, out of proportion for the European second residence owners.

Ultimately, of course, we want to ensure that we as European second residence owners never find ourselves in this situation again. And in order to achieve this, only two options remain: launch a lawsuit on the merits and/or seek a political solution. Both ways are important. The first one we have secured by sending a notice of default against the Belgian State. Preparations are also made for the second path.
For both approaches, it is important to get an idea on the impact.

Therefore we have prepared this survey. Another survey is underway focusing on the overall impact of the coronavirus for the second residence owners.

Let’s start

The survey exists of 2 parts. The first part focused on the planning (or not) of alternative corona stay (available until April 18th). The second part (available from April 19th) focuses on the experiences during this alternative corona stay.

This survey is for all European second owner residents:

  • those without plans for an alternative stay,
  • those that wanted to plan an alternative stay but didn’t succeed for various reasons and finally
  • those that have planned an alternative stay.

Thank you for participating and sharing this survey with colleague – european second residence owners.

This survey is open for everybody. We would appreciate if you would join the EASRO for € 5 so that we can work more strongly on securing the future of our second residence in Europe.

Take care of your your loved ones and yourself !


European second residence owners are residence owners that have a second residence in another European country.

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