The concept for EASRO was born when the Belgian borders were closed due to the corona pandemic in 2020. While a group of Belgian second residence owners was fighting to be allowed to go to their own residence in their own country, started an action for foreign eigenaren. These were left out in the cold by other action groups. The situation eased when the border ban was lifted in June 2020. The concept, the basic ideas of (with for example ambassadors or local leaders) had been launched and inspired others to set up a domestic association.

In the meantime, had made contacts and already launched some petitions, together with some groups from France, Germany and the Netherlands, and a first petition was presented on a European level.

The need for an association of and for second resident owners in a European context became necessary and the association was contacted by some owner associations with many foreign owners.

Through the many contacts, the goals of the association have become clear and the launch can be continued.


EASRO is an association and works together with the platform organisation of extrasupport vzw, which supports various organisations.

The organisation chart includes a steering committee, a national action group.

The technical and administrative processing is done by Extrasupport vzw.