We inform

Dissemination of communications, legal information, reports...

We connect

Sharing experiences, questions and answers, solutions...

We represent interests

representing the opinion and interest of secondary resident owners

We act

seeking a sustainable balance between the rights and obligations of second resident owners and those of the local inhabitants.

Showing light


We inform you about developments that may be useful for second resident owners. Per country there are persons who moderate and offer information. If you have additional useful information, please share it with us and the country moderators will look into it!

We share

We connect second resident owners by offering a forum where experiences can be exchanged. You can ask questions, be they practical, be they legal, be they financial, but just as well send a nice tip.

Share background

Represent background

We represent

EASRO wants to bring together the wishes and needs but also the suggestions and solutions of second owner residents and spread them where necessary. In this way, we also want to promote the interests of second owner residents within the local community and with the government. As a first step, this website has been set up by EASRO.

With the EASRO, we want to give second home residents a voice at European level, as free movement of persons and goods within the European Union is an important pillar of the European treaties. We strive for a specific statute for second owner residents. But also on other (national, regional and local) levels, representation of second home residents is needed.

EASRO strives to ensure that second home residents participate in a balanced way in various aspects of the local community.

  • economic
  • cultural
  • social

We strive for balanced rights (e.g. participation right) and duties (e.g. local tax).

We act

Sometimes actions are necessary to find an answer to the needs and complaints of second resident owners, so that their rights are respected, that they are treated fairly. In this way, they can live in harmony with the local inhabitants.

The actions we take are on political (petitions), legal, and/or strategic level.

Act background