Our mission




Balanced statute

All our actions are based on our fourfold mission:

1. We connect second residence owners across Europe.

Anyone who has a second residence or wishes to get one, can learn a lot from other second residence owners. In addition to legal and fiscal aspects, practical aspects are also discussed. Especially in a foreign country, nothing is better than being able to talk about your second residence in your own language and being helped.

2. We inform (future) second residence owners about social and legal developments that are related to a second residence.

We encourage local authorities to inform second residents owners in a clear and transparant way (e.g. about facilities, legal and tax issues).

3. We support (future) second residence owners.

This can be done by offering tools or by bringing together local services and initiatives for second residents owners from specialised services (estate agents, rental agencies, insurances, notaries, lawyers, etc.).

4. We aim for a specific statute of the second residence owner with both rights and obligations in balance with the local community (communities):

4.1 Right to travel and stay at second residence and proportional measures in case of emergency.
In times of pandemic, some governments closed their borders to non-essential travel. Second residence owners were therefore no longer allowed to do maintenance nor use their home as a possible quarantine or rest accomodation. It is our goal that if the conditions are safe as for local inhabitants, the second residence owner can travel to, stay there and back from the second residence. Measures prohibiting movement to the 2nd residence must be proportionate.

4.2. Right to fair treatment
We strive for a good relationship in the local communities, whereby both the local community and the second residents onwers make a balanced effort (e.g. through the municipal tax) to tailor the local facilities and activities to the various groups and their needs.

4.3 Right to participate – right to vote
Second residence owners usually pay a municipal tax and thus contribute to the municipal budget. However, they often have no say in the local community, which sometimes leads to resentment. We aim for a consultative body or participation in decision-making bodies per local community to ensure good relations and cooperation

4.4. Right to information
We aim to ensure that every second resident owner receives clear basic information when buying or renting a second residence, especially in another European country. For example, he/she should clearly know where and how he/she should make the first tax and legal payments. This should be provided for example by the notary who closes a sale with a foreign buyer or who forwards a draft contract. In this way, the future second resident owner knows what (global) obligations there are (regarding VAT, etc.).