Membership & Sign-up to Notice of default against Belgian State

5,00 / year and a 20,00 sign-up fee

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EASRO members put the Belgian State in default.

European 2nd residents (foreigners with a second residence in Belgium or Belgians with a second residence in another European country) can now sign up for the notice of default. The notice of default means that the Belgian State has to pay €75 per day per 2nd residence as from 1 April as long as the 2nd residence cannot be accessed. The right to free movement, the right to enter a property has been prevented for several now for 2nd residents. Provided that the correct measures are taken, 2nd residents can perfectly move to their 2nd residence. They can stay there safely and return, taking into account the necessary measures.

You can sign up for 25€, this also makes you a member of the association (normal 10€ year, but now 5€).