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European Association
Second Residence Owners

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Gathering communications, legal information, reports...


Sharing experiences, views, solutions...


Represent the concerns and viewpoints of the Second Residence Owners


Sometimes actions are needed to get a right balance between rights and duties of Second Residence Owners compared to the local inhabitants
Showing light


As a first step, we would like to inform you about recent developments regarding second residences.

We invite visitors and members of the EASRO to help us to keep the information updated.


Secondly, we want to give a platform to second residence owners and other to share their vision, opinions and experiences.

Listening to each other, learning from each other, helping another… this is the aim or our forum.

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As a third pillar, EASRO wants to bring together the wishes and needs but also suggestions and solutions of second residence owners and distribute them where appropriate.

As a first step, this website has been setup by the EASRO.

With the EASRO we want to give second residence owners a voice on European level as free movement of individuals and goods within the European Union is a main pillar of the European treaties.

But also on other levels (national, regional level and local level), representation of second residence owners is needed:

The EASRO wants to give Second Residence Owners a voice on several fields, like

  • Legal
  • Economical
  • Cultural
  • Social


Sometimes actions are needed to find an answer on the needs and complaints of second residence owners, so that their rights are respected, they are treated fairly so that they can live in harmony with the local inhabitants as well with their home country.

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